How to perform better in engineering school?

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Study smart

There are a lot of study techniques but they are not suitable for everyone. Just search study techniques on YouTube or Google and practise them, compare the results and find the one that suits you most! The technique I found that gave me the greatest impact was Active Recall. In short, after understanding every chapter, I will write down some questions that I had in the particular chapter and answer them in my word, it’s something like you are teaching yourself. But this is not enough, for engineering modules, there are usually more practical questions than theoretical questions for example engineering mathematics. Therefore, it is super important to do your tutorials and practise the past year paper to know the flow of the paper as the exams are always similar to the past year papers.

Ask Questions

Since young, I have always been a very curious person and asking why to everything. I sincerely think that asking questions helped me a lot in my studies as most of the teachers are open for their students to ask questions and they will be like your encyclopedia in that particular subject. Nevertheless, we must not take that for granted and wait for answers. At least try to understand by reading the textbook or doing the research before asking. Additionally, by asking more questions, your teacher will feel your eagerness to study and give you more attention in class(that’s what I personally feel), assuring you gain everything that he or she wants to teach.

Know more people

Study wise, knowing more people is helpful as we can learn and improve together. But I think I have talked enough about studying. What benefited me more from knowing many people in school is that I was resourceful. I know people who I can eat my lunch with, people who can help me with the issue I am encountering in my project and people who can give me advice on a particular topic. Not only that, it can also provide us with more opportunities. For instance, I was recommended by a senior who was the president of a club to join the club as exco.

Get into Competition

If you hope to gain extra knowledge on engineering-related stuff, getting into competitions is undoubtedly one of the best things to do. Always remember to check your school email as there will be info on various kinds of competitions sent by your school to you. I regretted only start practising this in my second year as I had only joined 3 competitions until now. So if you are reading this and you want to learn more about engineering, what are you waiting for? Check your email now!

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